Ride On Sweepers


Tennant’s 6100 sub-compact rider sweeper is a highly manoeuvrable battery-powered ride-on sweeper that captures dust and debris in a single pass.

6100 Features and Benefits

  • Tennant’s 6100 Sub-Compact Rider Sweeper is quiet, manoeuvrable, and battery powered
  • Capture light dust and debris efficiently in one pass with this battery-powered ride-on sweeper
  • Open sightlines designed in the ride-on sweeper allow operator to confidently manoeuvre through tight spaces and standard doorways
  • Clean hard surface and carpet with a single machine
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Key machine features of the 6100 Sub Compact Rider Sweeper

  • Auto Adjust™ sweeping system adapts hopper loading action to maintain peak sweeping performance throughout life of the brush
  • Easy-glide hopper features a handle and large, built-in wheels for easy removal and transport to dump area
  • No tools are required to change a brush or filter minimising maintenance downtime
  • Choose the ideal options to tailor the 6100 Sub-Compact Rider Sweeper to your environment
  • Quick Mop™ widens the sweeper dry mop cleaning path to 5.5 ft / 1.7m, allowing the sweeper to clean up to one million square feet / 93,000 square metres on a single battery charge
  • Dual side brushes expand the sweeper’s reach to clean more floor space in less time
  • Vacuum wand extends cleaning reach into tight spaces
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Tennant’s S20 compact mid-sized rider floor sweeper is a heavy duty machine that gets in tight spaces with the sweeping performance of a mid-size sweeper.

S20 Features and Benefits

  • Tennant’s S20 Compact Mid-sized Rider Sweeper provides the cleaning power of a mid-size in a compact
  • Improve indoor air quality and sweep longer with the SweepMax™ dust control system
  • Reduce operator training time and simplify machine operation with “All levers forward” control
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Key machine features of the S20 Compact Mid-sized Rider Sweeper

  • ShakeMax™ filter shaker dislodges dust particles deep within the filter pleats to improve air filtration, allowing longer run times and prolonging filter life
  • InstantAccess™ allows easy access without tools to reduce downtime, service time and maintenance costs
  • Easy to open machine covers reduce sweeper downtime and maintenance costs
  • Choose the ideal options to tailor the S20 Compact Mid-Sized Rider Sweeper to your environment
  • Battery power eliminates fumes and provides for low-noise level operation
  • Dual side brushes increase sweeping path and productivity
  • High-performance vacuum wand stores inside the sweeper to make it available when you need it
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‘Northumbria Healthcare have worked with GT Cleaning for a number of years now and have always received an excellent service and we have found the machines they supply to be the best on the market for our needs. We have an excellent working relationship with this company and would highly recommend them.’

Ian Hood - HSO Facilities Offices, NSECH

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