Carpet Extractors

E5 Compact, Low-Profile Carpet Extractor

Enjoy excellent carpet cleaning results with our deep cleaning technology. Improve the productivity and cleaning results in congested and hard-to-reach areas with low-profile, compact design.

Using the E5 also reduces operator fatigue and improves productivity with low effort, pull back operation and ergonomic handle.

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Creating a cleaner, safer, healthier world

  • Exceptionally powerful equipment, deep cleaning performance in congested areas, outstanding cleaning performance
  • Maximize cleaning performance across the entire cleaning path with dual overlapping spray jets and exceptional vacuum suction
  • Unique double-tuft float-adjust brush design adjusts to different carpet pile depths – no manual adjustment needed

Deep clean around and under obstacles

  • Easily clean around and under objects like beds, desks, and tables with the compact, low-profile design. The Insta-Adjust™ handle extends cleaning reach

Easy to use and maintain

  • Easy to fill, empty, and clean
  • Hygienic tanks offer a unique compact design. Ergonomic handles and grips ensure easy pick-up
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R3 Compact, Rapid-Drying Carpet Cleaner

Go places you haven’t gone before with our ReadySpace technology. The technology is designed to leave you with a carpet that is clean, dry and ready for use in under 30 minutes.

Quietly clean with true OSHA recognised 69 dBA sound level and easily-cleaned compact spaces with the R3’s low profile, compact design.

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  • Clean, healthy environments: ReadySpace technology helps reduce bacteria growth and leaves clean, healthy spaces while using up to 80% less water and leaving up to 90% less moisture in the carpet.
  • Increase productivity in tight spaces: Clean with ease in tight, congested areas, with forward and reverse cleaning action. The ultra-low profile design and adjust handle extends your cleaning reach for under low-profile desks and tables.
  • Easy to fill and empty tanks: Easy to fill, empty, and clean Hygienic lift-off tanks offer a unique compact design.  Ergonomic handles and grips ensure easy pick up.
  • Beautifully clean, always ready carpet spaces: Improve carpet appearance with ReadySpace technology’s exclusive soil transfer rollers that lift and remove the dirt vacuuming leaves behind. Keep high-traffic areas looking new with frequent cleanings. Reduce chemical build up to help prevent resoiling.
  • Seeing is believing: For a demonstration or additional information contact us:
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Tennant 1210/1215 Professional Spray Extractors

Easy-to-handle, compact spray extractors with exceptional cleaning power, removing dirt effectively from all types of carpets and in hard to reach corners.

Features & Benefits

  • Powerful vacuum
  • Compact size
  • Transparent cover
  • Roto-moulded polyethylene body
  • Detachable tank unit
  • Special hard floor nozzle
  • Shortens drying time for quickest re-use of carpet
  • Easy storage and transport
  • Easy monitoring
  • Extremely durable
  • Ease of transport and maintenance
  • Cleaning at the highest ease on hard flooring
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  • Office buildings
  • Hospitality sector
  • Educational facilities
  • Contract cleaning
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'GT Cleaning Machines have been a valuable partner to York Hospital since 2011. The equipment, service and on-going support provided by GT has been excellent, they understand the demanding requirements of a hospital environment and I would not hesitate in recommending them.'

Wendy Dale - Domestic Manager, York Hospital

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