Ride On Scrubber Dryers

Tennant T350 Stand On Scrubber Dryer

The Tennant T350 stand on scrubber dryer gives you the confidence to reduce cleaning costs while delivering high performance cleaning results.

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Choose Tennant technologies like the ec-H2O NanoClean™ system and Smart-Fill™ automatic battery watering to increase productivity.

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Tennant T7 + Ride On Scrubber Dryer

The Tennant T7+ is a compact ride on scrubber dryer which is ideal for most environments ranging from large to small in capacity. 

With Tennant’s innovative ec-H2O or FAST cleaning systems it gives the added benefit of water reduction and soap use.

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  • Ergonomic design makes cleaning with the T7+ more comfortable for your staff
  • Easy to identify yellow maintenance touch points help to save time and money by ensuring maintenance items get checked and the machine is properly maintained and protected
  • Clean tight spaces and narrow aisles with T7+’s compact design and highly manoeuvrable handling
  • Customise to meet your unique needs – choose either disk for smooth floors without debris or cylindrical for capturing light debris.
  • Solution and recovery tanks easily cleanable and fully accessible to cleaners

Operation Benefits

  • Automatic braking and parking brake actuation: Reduce the risk of accidents
  • 180 degree turns along with equal pressure parabolic squeegees: Ensure no cleaning solution will be left behind
  • Hygienic Tanks: Quick cleaning reduce bacteria and mould that may grow in dirty tanks
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Tennant T12 Ride On Scrubber Dryer

The Tennant T12 is a compact ride on scrubber dryer that delivers in heavy production and has the feel and manoeuvrability of a versatile footprint but the power of a heavy duty ride on.

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Features and Benefits

  • Operator controls are easy to use with the one-step start button which simplifies training and performance
  • Reduce fatigue and increase operator safety with an increased leg compartment which allows a more comfortable clean
  • Clean floor from wall to wall with a 28% wider scrub path with the additional option of a side brush
  • Reduce the risk of slips and falls with the Dura-Track parabolic squeegee system which provides excellent water recovery
  • Improve cleaning results with either cylindrical or discs scrub heads that simplify production with no apparatus brush change


  • Protect operators by shielding them from falling objects with the FOPS Certified overhead guard
  • Spray hose allows for remote access along with the Vac wand which provides convenient and quick off machine spill recovery
  • Reduce risk of slip and fall accidents with ec-H2O™, certified by NFSI (National Floor Safety Institute) for delivering high-traction floor surface
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Tennant T16 Ride On Scrubber Dryer

Reduce your cost by using the innovative Tennant T16 Ride on scrubber dryer that is both versatile and simple to maintain. 

The T16 is manufactured to be up to 20% less expensive to operate and maintain than traditional scrubbing methods based on maintenance, cost and consumables.

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Features and Benefits

  • Reduce operator stress and exertion with a flex shaft steering system that provides smooth and easy steering
  • A reduction in workplace risks and maintenance costs with Dura-Trak parabolic squeegee system that provides excellent water recovery and can be changed easily without the use of apparatus
  • The optional dry sweeping system that captures dust in a self-contained filter bag improves debris handling within the working environment
  • Reduce operating costs with durable construction that manages within the most severe of environments but is also designed to prevent damage to walls and fragile objects
  • Extend component life with AC Brushless propelling motor that operates more efficiently than the standard DC Motors
  • Effectively clean along the edges with the scrubbing side brush and hard to reach areas with the vac wand


  • Touch-N-Go Control Module: Enhanced safety with intuitive controls located on the steering wheel which eliminates the need to move the operator’s hands elsewhere to change the scrub settings.
  • Maintenance Touch Points: Easy to identify touch points ensure that the scrubber dryer is properly maintained and protected
  • Quiet Operation: The T16 (one the quietest of our entire industrial ride on scrubber dryers) with a level of 68 Dba operates in even the most noise-sensitive areas
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Tennant T17 Ride On Scrubber Dryer

The Tennant T17 is a battery powered ride on scrubber dryer built with durability and safety in mind.

An innovative heavy duty scrubber dryer focused on delivering customised solutions to meet the needs of customers.

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Features and Benefits

  • Economy mode has a battery life of up to eight hours on a single charge which is the largest available battery capacity of its type
  • Help maintain a safer environment with the outstanding water recovery system which dramatically reduces the risk of slips and falls
  • Reduce operator exertion with the innovative yellow touch points which provide fast identification to maintenance locations
  • Protect your investment with a durable high performance scrubber dryer that can withstand the harshest of environments


  • Dual Vacuum fans: Release more airflow than a single fan system and with the corrosion-resistant impeller design enables them to last longer
  • Patent pending water traps: Reduce leakage and spills by providing unrestricted airflow and retain the moisture that is still in the recovery hose when turned off
  • Variable Drain Valve system: Prevent untidy clean ups and overflows with the easily adjustable tank drain valve.
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Tennant T20 Ride On Scrubber Dryer

The Tennant T20 is an industrial scrubber dryer that will streamline your cleaning operation and reduce costs whilst maintaining a high level of performance.

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Benefits and Features 

  • Fast foam scrubbing technology – NFSI-certified to increase floor traction
  • Ergo space operator compartment – improves visibility
  • Grip-N-Go corner rollers – protect facilities and machine
  • Triple sealed electrical connectors – UL-Certified system protection
  • ECHO Chemical free technology – uses 70% less water
  • On board Diagnostics – quick and easy to maintain
  • Smart release squeegee – squeegee blade protection
  • ES Extended scrubbing – single tank now 3 times as long
  • Touch and Go controls – simplifies operation which creates a production increase
  • Variable Drain hose – easy to use, no mess


  • EasyOpen: Service access takes you quickly and easily into the body of the T20 and therefore reduces production costs and time
  • Shield Squeegee: From the rear impact and prevent from hooking on to other fixture with rear and side steel guards
  • EZ-Remove: The debris tray glides in and out from the wheels improving cleaner safety and productivity
  • Dual cylindrical brushes or three gimble-mounted disk brushes: Used to attain excellent cleaning results in the harshest of environments
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‘Northumbria Healthcare have worked with GT Cleaning for a number of years now and have always received an excellent service and we have found the machines they supply to be the best on the market for our needs. We have an excellent working relationship with this company and would highly recommend them.’

Ian Hood - HSO Facilities Offices, NSECH

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