Tennant Company provides cleaning equipment and the latest innovative cleaning technologies to effectively clean hard floors and carpeting. Before we lead, we listen.

We use insights from customer feedback to create solutions that change how you clean. GT Cleaning Machines is committed to leading its industry, in partnership with Tennant, in sustainable cleaning machines and innovative cleaning solutions that empower our customers to create a cleaner, safer, healthier world.

Seeing is believing

Following on from Ec-H20, this is the next generation solution which offers the same
great benefits of the first generation which, by cleaning more soils in more applications,
cleans even better.

ec-H2O NanoClean technology electrically converts tap water into an innovative cleaning solution that cleans effectively, saves money and reduces environmental impact when compared to daily-use floor cleaning chemicals. The converted tap water is created by an on-board e-cell that generates millions of microscopic nanobubbles the most popular that boost the cleaning power of the solution. The nanobubbles effectively interact with the soil on a floor, lifting it from the surface whilst the scrubber dryer machine removes the now dirty water.

The nanobubbles effectively interact with the soil on a floor, lifting it from the surface whilst the scrubber dryer machine removes the now dirty water. Ec-H2O NanoClean is available on the best-selling scrubber dryer machines available from GT Cleaning Machines (the T300, T500, 5680 and &7+). With over 65,000 ec-H2O machines manufactured and shipped around the world this ground breaking technology is highly effective on a wide variety of typical but stubborn floor-based soils including food grease and road salt.

Orbio On-Site Generation

Orbio On-Site Generation (OSG) Technologies turns ordinary tap water and salt into a highly effective cleaning solution replacing many daily-use standard use cleaning chemicals. This in turn reduces hazards and carbon footprint associated with the use of traditional packaged chemicals.

Orbio Split Stream technology generates an effective, sustainable cleaning solution on site, wherever you need it. Orbio Split Stream creates cleaning and antimicrobial solutions that replace many everyday cleaning chemicals.

Orbio MultiSurface Cleaner made by this technology provides efficient cleaning on a wide variety of surfaces and in many applications that involve cleaning organic, nonpetroleum-based oils, greases and soils. The antimicrobial solution is effective against bacteria and viruses. Both solutions cuts costs and environmental impact associated with conventional cleaning chemicals, without compromising performance.

How Orbio Split Stream technology works

  • Softened tap water and salt flow into an electrolytic cell
  • Electricity is applied, creating separate cleaning and antimicrobial streams
  • The solutions are captured to be used in spray bottles, mop buckets, and automated equipment
  • The cleaning solution reacts with organic soils during cleaning and the antimicrobial solution attacks bacteria and viruses
  • The surfaces can then be wiped clean

Electrically converted tap water

ec-H2O technology electrically converts water into an innovative cleaning solution that cleans effectively, saves money, improves safety and reduces environmental impact compared to traditional cleaning chemicals and methods.

  • Cleans effectively: Scrubbing with ec-H2O effectively removes soil and dirt, based on third party ad customer testing.
  • Saves money: ec-H20 reduces cost and improves productivity by eliminating the purchasing, training, storing, handling and disposing of conventional cleaning materials.
  • Increases safety: HFSI certifies that ec-H2O dramatically improves floor traction which can reduce the risk of slips and falls. It is certified as safe for use in food and beverage handling environments too.
  • Reduce environmental impact: ec-H2O reduces the impact of cleaning operations on the environment in areas such as reduced chemicals in waste systems, reduced odours and using up to 70% less water than traditional cleaning products and methods.

Rapid-drying carpet cleaning technology

Technology for use in GT Cleaning Machines range of Tennant carpet extractors.

Carpets cleaned with ReadySpace are dry and ready for use in less than 30 minutes.

Consider the benefits:

  • Re-open carpeted rooms and areas sooner
  • Keep space accessible to staff, guests and customers
  • Improve carpet appearance in high foot traffic areas
  • Minimise disruption in locations with extended hours
  • Reduce the risk of slips and falls when transitioning from wet to dry carpeted areas
  • Free your cleaning team from the constraints of carpet cleaning at night and weekends

ReadySpace in action:

Soil/dirt transfer rollers on GT Cleaning Machines carpet cleaners grab dirt from carpet fibres and lift it into the machine.

Sprayers inside the machine rinse the dirt from the brushes, not the carpet, and this avoids saturation.

A powerful vacuum extracts the dirty water into the recovery tank

IRIS® Fleet Manager

IRIS® Fleet Manager allows you to manage and monitor both the machines themselves and overall cleaning performance. Productivity, cost savings, performance can be improved with the use of IRIS by having complete visibility of your fleet.

Gain the full picture of your cleaning operations. Drive measurable results by leveraging powerful features for dynamic fleet

  • See your most important data with push reports and critical alerts
  • Track and compare machine usage to drive consistent cleaning results
  • Optimise battery maintenance and charging behaviours
  • Gain visibility of maintenance spend and service performance
  • Locate missing equipment and eliminate equipment losses with machine location data
  • Track ec-H2O™ and ec-H2O NanoClean™ technology usage to ensure you are maximising the benefits of these innovative cleaning technologies (where fitted)